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The Flower District which awakens well before the crack of dawn, hosts over 200 individual wholesalers and retailers coloring a 6 block area of this secret little portion of downtown. The district is bordered by Maple Street & 7th Street, San Pedro and 9th street, all within the confines of the Fashion District of downtown LA.

At the Downtown Flower District, thousands of fresh cut flowers are handled daily. Most every stem resting in a vase in Southern California came from this Flower mart. The giant bouquets you see at your favorite restaurant, the flowers in the lobby of your Century City office bldg, The bunches at your local super market, the Roses in the window of your neighborhood Florist, all were most likely at this Flower District the day before.

imagesWhat started almost 100 years ago as a handful of Japanese- American growers and sellers near Santa Monica, has transformed into a Mega Market of Floral commerce in its current Downtown LA location. By some industry estimates, almost a billion dollars per year change hands within this colorful section of downtown. What was once a dusty, dirty manufacturing and textile area of downtown has experienced a transformation, and has come out smelling like roses (and lilies & Tulips & Carnations...) a melting pot of ethnic, social and educational background, The Flower District of LA has truly become an epicenter of the floriculture Industry.

The Flower District's wholesalers supply most of the western United States and beyond with fresh cut flowers. The Market's daily arrivals include Roses from Ecuador, Carnations from Colombia, Tulips from Holland, Lilies from Brazil, Gladiolas from Mexico, Chrysanthemums from Costa Rica, Orchids from Thailand, Sunflowers from Texas, and many more. Every imaginable flower type can be found in the Flower Market. This is how your local florist fills their shops with those beautiful blooms you see as you stroll by. So, what if you'd like to shop the Flower Market of Downtown Los Angeles yourself? Well...good news: you can!

The Flower Mart, although catering to the floral industry professionals, is open to the general public as well. The Markets activities begin when most everyone else has gone to sleep. 2am is when the doors first open. This is when the industry pros arrive to get first crack at the fresh new arrivals. For the general public, the two oldest ,largest warehouses: The LA Flower Market & The Southern California Flower Market, allow entrance 6am (Tuesday and Thursday) or 8am (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) . These markets charge admission of $2 weekdays and $1 on Saturday, They are closed on Sunday. Get there early as most of the stalls begin to close down by 10:30 am....and if you'd like to bring some of these beautiful bunches home, better bring cash. The business here is still very "old school" in many ways, Credit cards are seldom used.

The L.A. Flower Mall, with entrances from either San Pedro or San Julian , is home to 20 wholesalers. Their hours are 6am to 2pm.

San Julian Flower Market, between 7th & 8th streets, host a dozen wholesalers, while Market City on San Pedro, is currently home to 8 wholesalers

As evidence of the districts expansion, opening soon at 715 east 8th street, will be the Downtown Flower Mart.

One of the newest wholesale Flower warehouse, The California Flower Mall, also serves Floral Industry Pros, but does not restrict the public shopping times. Here you are welcome to come and go anytime the market is open, and for Free! ...and if you'd like to go on a Sunday, they are your one and only option. The hours here are: 4am - 4pm daily (Sunday, until 11am). Again, cash is king here... but if you forget to bring the green, there is an ATM.

imagesUnder the roof of any of these cavernous aromatic warehouses, the scene is the same: Cool air, rows and rows of white buckets stuffed with every commercially available type of cut flowers, varieties from all corners of the earth, shoppers with arm's full of newspaper wrapped bunches of the freshest, most beautiful creations under the sun. The prices are fantastic, and the choices are endless, so as long as you can awaken early, and venture into this special section of downtown, there's no reason you can't go home with a car-full of these bargain blossoms.

A morning visit to the LA Flower Market District is certainly a treat to the senses, a color burst of natural beauty, and a spectacularly pleasant oasis in a downtown which has struggled to find it's identity as a destination for not only vacationers, but for it's own 10 million residents, who for years, have completely avoided the downtown exit ramps. Things are actually improving in downtown LA. It's finally time to take another look. What better place to start then at the Downtown Flower District of Los Angeles.

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If you'd like to visit the LA Flower District, click here for general information.

Please check back often as this site will be updated daily. We welcome and encourage your input.

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